Acacia Products manufactures and distributes a range of recycled polymer poles ideal for oyster farming.  Buy Oyster Poles direct from the factory.

Our polymer technicians began developing the BounceBack (R) pole during 2018.  By October a local oyster farmer had installed our first 85mm diameter poles in Narooma NSW.  This trial has been an outstanding success.  The poles exhibit great strength, even during a very hot summer.

During early 2019 we developed two additional size poles with a diameter of 40mm and 50mm respectively.

About our Oyster Poles

We currently supply 5 sizes of oyster poles;

  • 83mm White Lease Marker Poles
  • 83mm dual layer poles – suitable for use with floating bag systems (up to 4.0 mtr lengths)
  • 83mm single layer poles – suitable for use with floating bag systems (over 4.0 mtr lengths)
  • 50mm single layer poles with a 4mm wall thickness – particularly suitable for adjustable long line systems and some floating bag systems.
  • 40mm single layer poles with a 3mm wall thickness – particularly suitable for tidal systems.  These 40mm poles also make very good rails for traditional rack and stick oyster farming.

The 83mm dual layer Bounceback ® Poles contain two layers.   We manufacture the inner layer from a super strong recycled thermoplastic.  This core layer has a high operating temperature (approx. 135 degrees Celsius). Therefore our Oyster Poles don’t go weak in the summer heat.  The core layer is also UV stabilised.  This inner layer features a very high break point. Therefore our poles are very durable.

layers in our oyster polesThe outer layer is a 100% recycled polyethylene. We add the best UV stabilisers and heat absorbers available to this layer.  Therefore our poles are durable in any climate.  All our poles are also jet black (not grey or even dark grey) to satisfy environmental requirements.

We use 316 stainless screws if fix the layers together.  The two layers combine to provide a pole with enough flexibility and a lot of strength.  This gives our poles enough strength to handle strong winds, impact with boats, and strong tides.

Both the 40mm and 50mm product are made from the same thermoplastic as the inner layer of the 83mm oyster pole.  A black additive is added to provide the desired jet black finish.

The advantages of our BounceBack ® Oyster Poles

  1. Very strong and durable.
  2. Made from 100% recycled materials.
  3. Rigid even in the heat.
  4. They can be drilled through. This will allow easy attachment of tumbler lines and the like.
  5. 100% of the materials contain UV stabilisers.
  6. Very rigid compared to oyster poles made from recycled “soft plastics”.
  7. The black outer layer meets environmental requirements.
  8. Relatively lightweight and economical to transport.
  9. Affordable.

Availability and Pricing

All our oyster poles are made to order in lengths to suit your requirements.  Please contact us for current pricing and pack sizes.

Our 83mm poles are ideal for use with the floating bag system for Oyster Farming.

All sizes of poles will be available in lengths up to 8 metres.  This makes our poles suitable for the deepest water.

oyster poles narooma

Recycled Plastic Oyster Poles

Bounce Back Oyster Poles are made from 100% recycled materials.  They are also 100% recyclable.  They are a full cycle recyclable product adding to sustainable production of Oysters throughout Australia.

We consume the equivalent of 36 2 litre milk bottles when manufacturing a 3.6metre outer layer for the 83mm pole.  The inner layer consumes even more recycled material.  Using our oyster poles prevents valuable polymers going to landfill.  We will use different sources for our materials however we are committed to recycled materials throughout.

Further Information.

We developed our Oyster pole from technology we use for our horse fence post known as the E-Post.  The equine industry makes extensive use of these posts.  They are an attractive, durable and environmentally friendly post.  These posts have been used in the harshest climates and showcase our products longevity. See BounceBack Horse Fence for more information on our fence posts.