Lighting & Display with Acacia

Acacia began as a supplier of lighting products, servicing local lighting and display industries. Today, Acacia’s vast experience in these fields provides a wide range of lighting products to service most market areas.

We extrude roll formed diffusers, for surface mounted battens, to a maximum width of 400mm. We run prismatic sheet in 12 and 19 Patterns. Acacia Products also manufacturers Reeded Frosted diffusers in A5C and A5F.  All sheets can be cut to your size requirements.  If it is profiles you are looking for, then look no further than Acacia Products we manufacture complex custom profiles for aluminium tubelights and specialty applications. This has earnt Acacia Products a valuable reputation throughout Australia’s lighting industry.

Acacia Products is always looking to develop and obtain new materials for the lighting market.  With the introduction of LED Lighting to the market, Acacia Products has developed materials in Acrylic and Polycarbonate to cater for this emerging sector.  For more details please click here to contact an Acacia Products Representative.

Examples of Acacia’s custom lighting profiles can be seen all over Australia. Our diffusers are featured in Railway Networks throughout Australia.  Some examples of these are all Sydney Trains SRA, Tangara, Oscar and Millenium trains.  Other examples of Acacia Products custom profiles can be found in Westfield Shopping Centres, and at Sydney Olympic Park.

Our in-house tooling department create the designs our customers require, at substantially lower cost than market expectation.

Acacia has developed a range of Polycarbonate and PMMA lamp sleeves and matching end caps for T5 and T8 tubes, for specific applications. Lamp sleeves increase the environmental temperature of the lamp and increase its efficiency, whilst reducing brightness. Polycarbonate tubes and end caps wholly contain glass lamps that can shatter, contaminating foodstuffs and causing injury on contact. These are widely used in Australia’s supermarkets. For museums, libraries and paper mills – (or any environment containing precious papers, artworks and fabrics) – Acacia’s UV absorbing PMMA tubes will minimise irreparable damage done by UV lighting.

Acacia’s own weather-proof and vandal-proof lighting designs were created to combat the problems associated with lighting high traffic areas, such as car parks, and all-weather environments. These wholly enclosed polycarbonate light diffusers withstand heat and extreme cold, vandalism, and insect contamination.

We produce round, square and custom shaped tubing in polycarbonate and PMMA, for the Australian display industries. Diameters range from only 9mm to a maximum of 160mm. We have tooling available for a wide range of sizes. We also manufacture triangular fillets, and F and H Sections.


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