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The Acacia Bio-Mesh range is our tubular biological treatment and filtration medium. Manufactured in Australia, and both chemically and biologically inert, Acacia Bio-Mesh is ideal for use in wastewater treatment, aquaculture recirculation systems, trickling filters, aeration systems, aerobic and anaerobic submerged filters, oil separation systems, storm water run-off sumps and cooling towers

Modules are strong, efficient, easy to handle and require no on-site assembly. Installation is easy and modules can be placed into existing tanks to increase efficiency and capacity. Acacia Bio-Mesh delivers outstanding long term, low maintenance performance, making it an extremely cost-effective one-off investment.

Acacia Bio Mesh tube is used in with a variety of Septic Waster Water professionals.  It has also been used at Singapores Sentosa Resorts World Ocean Aquarium, ( Hong Kongs Ocean Park Aquarium ( as well as a number of other local and international projects and attractions.

Acacia Bio-Mesh is available in a choice of surfaces – rough or smooth – achieving a greater surface area. Custom sized modules are available in 42, 50 and 70mm diameter tube configurations.  Now also available in 28mm diameter tube.


Rough surfaced tubes provide an ideal growth environment for biological filters. Industrial bio treatment systems utilising Bio Mesh Tubing include aquaculture, commercial and domestic sewage and storm water treatment systems. The rough surface of the tubes increases surface area and ensures fast biomass accumulation.

Smooth surfaced tubes deliver outstanding separation of oil and hydrocarbons. The modular design enables the creation of extended coalescing packs to maximise separation, and ensure ease of maintenance. These tubes are also recommended for use in cooling tower systems.

Please see our photos for more Bio-mesh.

Product Bio Mesh Tubing 70mm Bio Mesh Tubing 55mm Bio Mesh Tubing 42mm
Specific Surface Area (approx) 100 m² / m³ 200 m² / m³ 250 m² / m³
Average Voidage 70% 60% 55%
Average Hollow Space 90% 82% 70%
Material HDPE
(High Density Polyethylene)
(High Density Polyethylene)
(High Density Polyethylene)
Dimension for Standard Module 560 x 560 550 mm
(8×8 tubes)
550 x 550 x 550 mm
(10×10 tubes)
546 x 546 550 mm
(13×13 tubes)



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