Acacia Products specially prepared surface ensures rapid growth of Biological matter, sizes available in order 42mm, 55mm and 70mm. Here you can see our Acacia Products Bio Mesh in use. Such projects include Singapores Sentosa Ocean Aquarium and Hong Kongs Ocean Park.

28mm tubes are available upon request.


Acacia Bio-Mesh tubing with a smooth surface delivers outstanding separation of oil and hydrocarbons


This Acacia Bio-Mesh module is collecting bacteria, dirt and particles from a wastewater treatment system.


The specially prepared surface area on this Acacia Bio-Mesh module is perfectly suited to removing bacteria and dirt when submerged in the water.


The Acacia Bio-mesh module is available in custom sizes and requires no on-site assembly.


Acacia Bio-Mesh modules are manufactured in configurations and sizes to suit our customers applications.